Book Id: 51674 Computabiity of recursive functions. Offprint. John Shepherdson, H. E. Sturgis.

Computabiity of recursive functions. Offprint

Publisher Information: 1963.

Shepherdson, John C. (1926-2015); H. E. Sturgis. Computability of recursive functions. Offprint from Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery 10 (1963). 217-255pp. 248 x 175 mm. Without wrappers; stapled. Some soiling, wear and creasing. Good to very good.

First Edition, Offprint Issue. “Shepherdson was a British mathematician who worked in ring theory and mathematical logic . . . His interest in recursive functions led to many other papers on the topic, in particular his joint paper with Howard Sturgis entitled “Computability of recursive functions” (1963). This paper contained an idea similar to a Turing machine, now known as the Shepherdson-Sturgis Register machine. In many ways this is easier to work with than a Turing machine and has proved an important idea” (MacTutor). “John Shepherdson - Biography.” Maths History (web). Accessed 22 Dec. 2023. From the library of Martin Davis.

Book Id: 51674

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