Book Id: 51670 Steps toward artificial itelligence. In Proc. IRE 49 (1961). Marvin Minsky.

Steps toward artificial itelligence. In Proc. IRE 49 (1961)

Publisher Information: 1961.

Minsky, Marvin (1927-2016). Steps toward artificial intelligence. In Proceedings of the IRE 49 (1961): 8-30. Whole number. 281 x 215 mm. Original printed wrappers, some wear and spotting, a few small tears at edges, ownership inscription on front wrapper. Good to very good.

First Edition of Minsky’s “seminal” paper on artificial intelligence, which “surveyed and analyzed what had been done before, and outlined many major problems that the infant discipline would later need to face” (MIT). “Many consider [Minsky’s] 1960 paper, “Steps toward Artificial Intelligence,” to be the call-to-arms for a generation of researchers. That paper established symbol manipulation—divided into heuristic search, pattern recognition, learning, planning, and induction—to be at the center of any attempt at understanding intelligence” MIT, “Brief academic biography of Marvin Minsky” (web). Accessed 21 Dec. 2023. “Marvin Minsky - A. M. Turing Award Laureate.” A. M. Turing Award, ACM (web). Accessed 21 Dec. 2023.

Book Id: 51670

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