Exposé des expériences qui ont été faites pour l'examen du magnétisme animal.

Publisher Information: 1784.

[Franklin, Benjamin (1706-90); Antoine Lavoisier (1743-94), Jean-Sylvain Bailly (1736-93) et al.] Exposé des expériences qui ont été faites pour l’examen du magnétisme animal, lu à l’Académie des Sciences . . . 16pp. N.p., 1784. 212 x 141 mm. (uncut). Original plain wrappers. Paper flaw in last leaf, but fine otherwise.

Early Octavo Edition, issued in the same year as the official quarto edition printed by the Imprimerie Royale. OCLC records two octavo editions, one with imprint reading “A Paris: Chez Moutard, Imprimeur-Libraire de la Reine . . . M.DCC.LXXXIV” and the other simply dated “1784” with no place or publisher information, as in our copy. The typesetting also differs between the two editions: The Moutard edition has 15 pages with blank page 16, while our edition has 16 printed pages.

After the Franklin commission issued its official report on animal magnetism, a shorter précis of its findings was read by Bailly before the Académie des Sciences on 4 September 1784; this was then published under the title Exposé des expériences . . . As noted above, the Exposé was issued in both quarto and octavo format. Not in Duveen, Bibliography of the Works of Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, which records only the Moutard edition.

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