Digital computers at Manchester University

Publisher Information: London: Institution of Electrical Engineers, 1952. First printing.

Kilburn, Tom (1921-2001); Geoff C. Toothill (1922-2017); D. B. G. Edwards; Brian W. Pollard. Digital computers at Manchester University. 14pp. Text diagrams. London: Institution of Electrical Engineers, 1952. 278 x 216 mm. Without wrappers. Slight wear and toning, a few notations in pen but very good.

First Separate Edition. A description of the Ferranti Mark 1. Toothill was one of the designers of both the Manchester Baby and the Manchester Mark 1. Edwards worked on the Manchester Mark 1, and Pollard, an engineer at Ferranti Ltd., helped to build the Ferranti Mark 1. The paper was published in 1953 in Symposium of Papers on Digital Computers. This separate version of the paper, which resembles an offprint, is labeled “Proof.—Copyright reserved” in the upper left corner of the first page. Origins of Cyberspace 748.

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