Topics in theoretical physics. Lectures... With Brinkman's "THe quantum mechanics of multipole radiation." Dittoed typescript

Publisher Information: 1947.

Kramers, H. A. (1894-1952). Topics in theoretical physics: Lectures . . . given at the California Institute of Technology May 22 to May 29, 1947. Dittoed typescript. 9, 2, 6 [1]ff. [Bound with:] Brinkman, Henri Coenraad (1908-61). The quantum mechanics of multipole radiation . . . translated by E. Richard Cohen and Mark M. Mills. Dittoed typescript. [2], 65ff. Together 2 items. 281 x 217 mm. Bound together in stiff folder with metal fasteners, slight edgewear. Very good. Two sheets of manuscript notes on lined yellow paper laid in.

First Printing, and scarce, with OCLC recording only two copies (both at UCLA). Kramers’s 1947 Caltech lectures were on symbolic methods in quantum mechanics, on the transition state method in chemical kinetics, and on the formation of cosmic dust. Kramers had originally intended to give three more lectures on symbolic methods at this time, but was not able to fulfil this plan; instead, he provided his audience with a copy of Henri Brinkman’s thesis on the quantum mechanics of multipole radiation, containing “a systematic development of the symbolic methods . . . in place of the more fragmentary lectures that [he] was forced to give” (last leaf of Kramers’s lectures). Brinkman was a Dutch mathematician and physicist; the dimensionless “Brinkman number,” related to heat conduction from a wall to a flowing viscous fluid, is named for him.

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