Einige die Quantenmechanik betreffenden Erkundigungsfragen. Offprint from Zeitscrh. f. Phys. 80

Publisher Information: 1933.

Pauli, Wolfgang (1900-1958). Einige die Quantenmechanik betreffenden Erkundigsfragen. Offprint from Zeitschrift für Physik 80 (1933). 573-586pp. 230 x 156 mm. Original printed wrappers, slightly toned. Fine.

First Edition, Offprint Issue. In 1932 Paul Ehrenfest, one of the early contributors to quantum theory, published a paper in the Zeitschrift für Physik titled “Einige die Quantenmechanik betreffenden Erkundigsfragen,” in which he posed several so-called “senseless questions” about quantum mechanics—in the hope ‘that there are still some researchers who understand the art of answering ‘senseless’ questions meaningfully and in a clear and simple matter.’ To Pauli Ehrenfest’s paper was ‘a source of sheer pleasure’” (Enz, p. 256). Pauli addressed Ehrenfest’s questions in the present paper, which bears the same title as Ehrenfest’s; acknowledging that he himself had “partially hit upon some quite similar questions,” he analyzed the following three queries: “1. On the role of the imaginary unit and the notion of the spatial density of a particle in wave mechanics; 2. The questions of the analogy between photons and electrons and of its limits and 3. On the question whether quantum mechanics may be expressed as a field theory” (Enz, p. 257). Enz, No Time to be Brief: A Scientific Biography of Wolfgang Pauli, pp. 256-257.

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