On the invariant regularization in relativistic quantum theory. Offprint from Rev. Modern Phys. 21

Publisher Information: 1949.

Pauli, Wolfgang (1900-1958) and Felix Villars (1921-2002). On the invariant regulation in relativistic quantum theory. Offprint from Reviews of Modern Physics 21 (1949). 434-444pp. 268 x 198 mm. Original printed wrappers. Very good.

First Edition, Offprint Issue. Publication of the Pauli-Villars regularization (P-V), an important principle in quantum theory. P-V, based on earlier work by Richard Feynman, Ernst Stueckelberg and Dominique Rivier, is a procedure that “isolates divergent terms from finite parts in loop calculations in field theory in order to renormalize the theory” (Wikipedia). Pauli and Villars’s paper was a direct inspiration for Julian Schwinger’s “On gauge invariance and vacuum polarization” (1951), his greatest and most-cited paper; Schwinger, one of the founders of modern quantum electrodynamics, shared the Nobel Prize with Feynman and Tomonaga in 1965.

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