Theoretischen Überlegungen zur Höhenstrahlung. Offprint from Annalen d. Physik, 5th series, 13. Kramers's copy

Publisher Information: 1932.

Heisenberg, Werner (1901-76). Theoretische Überlegungen zur Höhenstrahlung. Offprint from Annalen der Physik, 5th series, 13 (1932). 430-452pp. 224 x 145 mm. Without wrappers as issued, signatures separated. Very good. From the library of H. A. Kramers, with his pencil signature on the first page.

First Edition, Offprint Issue. “The first of [Heisenberg’s] many substantial papers on cosmic-ray phenomena in the 1930s . . . As Heisenberg wrote in the introduction, he intended ‘to discuss in detail the most important experiments on cosmic radiation from the point of view of the existing theories, and to state at which points the experiments roughly agree with the theoretical expectation, and where such large deviations show up that one has to be prepared for important surprises’ . . . He then discussed, in particular, the deceleration of electrons when passing through matter and several typical cosmic-ray phenomena (such as those observed in the absorption curves), and he explained the existing discrepancies between theory (especially, the Klein-Nishina formula) and experiment on account of ‘the failure, in principle, of Dirac’s radiation theory or the equivalent quantum electrodynamics” (Mehra & Rechenberg, The Historical Development of Quantum Theory, 6, p. 904). This copy is from the library of Dutch physicist H. A. Kramers, one of the major contributors to quantum theory. Cassidy & Baker, Werner Heisenberg: A Bibliography of his Writings, 1932a.

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