Über den Bau der Atomkerne. III. Offprint from Zeitsch. f. Physik 80

Publisher Information: 1933.

Heisenberg, Werner (1901-76). Über den Bau der Atomkerne. III. Part 3 only of 3 parts. Offprint from Zeitschrift für Physik 80 (1933). 587-596pp. 230 x 156 mm. Original printed wrappers. Fine.

First Edition, Offprint Issue. The third and final part of Heisenberg’s groundbreaking paper containing “a quantum mechanics of the nucleus that laid the foundations of nuclear physics as it is still practiced” (Cassidy, p. 290). Heisenberg’s achievement followed upon Chadwick’s discovery of the neutron, announced in March 1932. Prior to this discovery only three elementary particles had been known: the electron, the proton and the photon. The atomic nucleus was thought to consist of protons and electrons, but this hypothesis gave rise to great difficulties in understanding the physics of the nucleus. Chadwick’s new elementary particle, added to those already known, gave Heisenberg his “long-sought chance” to create a workable quantum theory of the atomic nucleus. The first two parts of Heisenberg’s paper, not present here, were published in vols. 77 and 78 of the Zeitschrift für Physik. Cassidy, Uncertainty: The Life and Science of Werner Heisenberg, pp. 292-293. Cassidy & Baker, Werner Heisenberg: A Bibliography of his Writings, 1933a. Mehra and Rechenberg, Historical Development of Quantum Theory, 6, pp. 809-812.

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