Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 1868. Vol. 158. - Part 1.

Publisher Information: London: Taylor & Francis, 1868. Whole volume, [adverts] iv, x, [1], 369pp.; 21 plates. (230 x 300 mm). Original light green printed wrappers. Wrappers lightly soiled, top of spine is a little rubbed; mostly uncut & unopened.

Potential papers of interest in Part 1:
II. Computation of the lengths of the waves of light corresponding to the lines in the dispersion spectrum measured by Kirchhoff. By George Biddell Airy, Astronomer Royal. . . 29
III. An account of the observations on the Great Nebula in Orion, made at Birr Castle, with the 3-feet and 6-feet telescopes, between 1848 and 1867. With a drawing of the Nebula. By Lord Oxmantown. Communicated by the Earl of Rosse, K.P., F.R.S. . . 57 (Plates I. to III.)*
IV. On the curves which satisfy given conditions. By professir Cayley, F.R.S. . . 75
V. Second memoir on the curves which satisfy the given conditions; the principle of correspondence. By professpr Cayley, F.R.S. . . 145
VI. Addition to memoir on the resultant of a system of two equations. By professir Cayley, F.R.S. . . 173
IX. Researches on the intimate structure of the brain. - Second series. By J. Lockhart Clarke, F.R.S., &c. . . 233 (Plates VIII. to XIV.)
X. Notices of some parts of the surface of the moon. By John Phillips, M.A., D.C.L., F.R.S., F.G.S., Professor of geology in the University of Oxford . . . 333 (Plates XV.-- XVII.)

*Laid-in item (p.75): Plate III. The Great Nebula in the sword-handle of Orion as seen with the reflector of six-feet aperature at Parsontown from 1860 to 1867. A large b/w 'map' or drawing, comprising 9 sheets (each sheet = 210 x 280 mm) to be laid out in a (3 x 3) grid, producing the overall larger picture (total size when laid out = 630 x 840 mm). Two of the sheets are rather toned (facing pages 74 & 75). Book Id: 50462

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