Elementare Betrachtungen über die thermische Molekularbewegung in festen Körpern. In Annalen der Physik 35

Publisher Information: Leipzig: Johann Ambrosius Barth, 1911. Einstein, Albert (1879-1955). Elementare Betrachtungen über die thermische Molekular bewegung in festen Körpern. In Annalen der Physik 35 (9): 679-694 pp. Whole issue, disbound from larger volume but still stitched together, front wrapper detached, chipped with loss and tears, else very good. [Whole issue: pp. 617-816 + 3 plates].

First edition of Einstein's sequel and complement to his 1907 paper on Planck's theory of radiation and heat, translated as Elementary Observations on Thermal Molecular Motion in Solids. Einstein tries to improve upon his model of specific heats after realizing the model was inocrrect at very low temperatures. The correct answer would come a year later with the Debye model.

"Elementary observations on thermal molecular motion in solids. . . Here Einstein continues the work he had begun in 1907 on the specific heat of solids, where the heat agitation of solids was reduced to a monochromatic oscillation of the atom, and the specific heat was determined based on the quantum treatment of an oscillator in a radiation field. He explains the discrepancies between his formula and the measurements at low temperatures." (p. 291. Calaprice, Kennefick & Shulmann. An Einstein Encyclopedia. 2015.)

Weil's Einstein Bibliography, no. *42.

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