Book Id: 50279 Results of V-2 rocket tests. Offset typescript. W. L. Clay.
Results of V-2 rocket tests. Offset typescript.

Results of V-2 rocket tests. Offset typescript.

Publisher Information: Detroit: 1947.

Clay, W. L. Results of V-2 rocket tests. Offset Mimeograph???? typescript. 13, [3]pp. 2 plates. N.p., 1947. 281 x 217 mm. Unbound; stapled. Light creasing, one or two tiny rust-stains, but very good.

Preprint First Edition, and very rare, with no copies of this edition cited in OCLC. Colonel Clay’s paper, delivered before the Society of Automotive Engineers on 20 October 1947, is the earliest unclassified report on the results of the V-2 rocket firing program at White Sands, covering the initial launchings from Rocket no. 1 (15 March 1946) to Rocket no. 25 (15 May 1947). Clay’s emphasis was on the V-2’s potential “as a research test vehicle for furthering our own knowledge in the field of missile design and in the exploration of the upper atmosphere”; his report outlines “the objectives, methods of accomplishment, and results obtained from the first twenty-five launchings” (p. 1). Among the topics covered are modifications of the V-2 for research purposes; trajectory data; engineering problems encountered in launching V-2s; results or radar tracking tests; and the initial results obtained by the United States’ upper atmosphere research program, including pressure and temperature measurements, solar spectrograph measurements, cosmic ray data and high-altitude photography. Clay’s paper, or an abstract of it, was published in a volume of the SAE Symposium on Jet Propulsion, Gas Turbines and Rockets, SAE Journal, October 1948. E. F. Fiock, Bibliography of Books and Published Reports on Gas Turbines, Jet Propulsion, and Rocket Power Plants. Washington, D.C.: National Bureau of Standards Circular 482. 1949, p. 33.

Book Id: 50279

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