Book Id: 50267 Raketenfahrt. 5th edition. Presentation copy. Max Valier.
Raketenfahrt. 5th edition. Presentation copy
Raketenfahrt. 5th edition. Presentation copy

Raketenfahrt. 5th edition. Presentation copy

Publisher Information: Munich & Berlin: R. Oldenbourg, 1928.

Valier, Max (1895-1930). Raketenfahrt. viii, 252pp. Text illustrations. Munich & Berlin: R. Oldenbourg, 1928. 216 x 137 mm. Text illustrations. Original cloth, hinges just starting to crack; dust-jacket (a few chips and tears). Inscribed by Valier on the title: “Herrn Keller zum Erinnerung an meinen Vortrag in Zurich vom 13.III. 1929 mit dem [...] kamaradschaftlicher Grüsse in [...] überreicht Max Valier.”

Fifth printing; originally published in 1924 under the title Der Vorstoss in den Weltenraum (Advance into interplanetary space). “From 1925 to 1929 this book went through five printings without important changes; in 1930 a revised and greatly enlarged edition was published” (Ley, p. 421). Valier, a writer of popular science books, was one of the first champions of Oberth’s work in rocketry and space flight; his 1924 book and its subsequent printings / editions were “enormously successful in popularizing Oberth’s ideas” (Winter, Founders of Spaceflight Theory, p. 25). Valier went on to design his own spacecraft and rocket cars; in 1930 he was killed when one of his rocket car engines exploded. Ley, Rockets, Missiles and Space Travel, pp. 115, 135. Ordway, Blueprint for Space, pp. 62-63.

Book Id: 50267

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