Four papers in the Lancet by Horsely, Reid, Fenwick & Bennett

Publisher Information: London: John James Croft, 1884. [no.1] Horsley, Sir Victor Alexander Haden (1857-1916). A recent specimen of artificial myxoedema in a monkey, in Lancet, 2, 827, 1884.
[no.2] Reid, Robert William (1851-1939). Observations on the relation of the principal fissures and convolutions of the cerebrum to the outer surface of the scalp, in Lancet, 2, 539-40., London, 1884.
[no.3] Fenwick, Samuel (1821-1902). Clinical lectures on cases of difficult diagnosis; perforation of the appendic vermiformis, in Lancet, 2, 987-90, 1039-42, 1884.
[no.4] Bennett, Alexander Hughes (1848-1901) and Godlee, Sir Rickman John (1849-1925). [Preliminary Report of an] Excision of a Tumour from the Brain, in Lancet, 1884, 2, 1090-91.

Whole volume, 1184pp. 190 x 270mm. Library bookplate and stamp inside on the front end paper. Stamp of Dr. Jotham O. Johnson on ffep. Quarter crushed morocco. Gilt lettering on spine. Minor toning. Spine is a bit rubbed, otherwise a very good copy. Book Id: 50198

[no.1] By experimental removal of the thyroid Horsley produced artificial myxoedema, confirming previous work by Reverdin and others. At the time his results were regarded as proof that total thyroidectomy produces operative myxedema, but some of the symptoms he described are now known to have been due to removal of the parathyroids. No. 3834.
[no.2] Reid's base line - the anthropometric base line on the skull.
[no.3] In 1884 Fenwich advocated tying off and removal of the perforated appendix. No. 3566. [no.4] First instance of diagnosis, accurate clinical localization, and operative removal of a tumor in the brain, 25 November, 1884. The patient survived for one month. (See No. 4858, Case of cerebral tumour. Med.-chir. Trans., 68, 243-75, 1885.).

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