The Reflection of X-Rays by Crystals

Publisher Information: 1913. London: Proceedings of the Royal Society, 88, pp. 428-438. 1913. First Serial Printing. Using the "bragg relation" published a few months earlier, the Braggs constructed the first x-ray spectrometer. "The 'Bragg relation' opened up two main paths of research: x-rays could be used as an aid in the study of the structure of solids, particulaarly crystals, or a suitable crystal could be used as a means of determining wavelengths and composition of x-rays under different emission condistions. The Braggs chose the first path, constructing the first x-ray spectrometer (using crystals as gratings) in 1913, and using a known wavelength to determine the distances between atomic substances. 'Apart from specifying general symmetry relations, before June 1912 it had not been possible to give the actual arrangement of the constituent atoms of any crystal . . . . By the end of 1913, the Braggs had reduced the probelm of crystal structure analysis to a standard procedure.' (DSB) Book Id: 48887

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