Book Id: 48453 Autograph letter signed from Roscoe to Taylor. Henry E. Roscoe, Alfred Swaine Taylor.
Autograph letter signed from Roscoe to Taylor

Autograph letter signed from Roscoe to Taylor

Publisher Information: Manchester: 1866.

Roscoe, Henry E. (1833-1915). Autograph letter signed to Alfred Swaine Taylor (1806-80). Bifolium. 3pp. Manchester, 8 October 1866. 181 x 117 mm. Light soiling along folds, tiny hole in last leaf but very good.

From British chemist Henry Roscoe, noted for his photochemical studies and pioneering efforts in flash photography, to Alfred Swaine Taylor, founder of forensic toxicology and the leading medical jurist in England in the mid-19th century.

"I ought long ago to have acknowledged receipt of your letter detailing expts. & observations of your own on opalescence which interested me much. I do not think that I have observed the colours of shadows at evening mentioned by you but I will look out for them. The blue colour of smoke by reflected & brown or red colour by transmitted light has long been known to me. I first observed the distinct brown colour when smoking a cigar with a light behind me & reading a book! The shadow cast by the cloud of smoke is deep brown.

"I am sure that you will be interested to learn that I have just been engaged upon a case of strychnine poisoning in Shropshire in which death did not take place until 9 hours after the first symptoms of tetanus. This is I believe the longest time on record of a fatal case lasting . . .

Book Id: 48453

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