Book Id: 46709 Communicaitons... Vol. 1, nos. 1-12. Association for Computing Machinery.

Communicaitons... Vol. 1, nos. 1-12

Publisher Information: 1958.

Association for Computing Machinery. Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery. Vol. 1, no. 1 – Vol. 1, no. 12. (January – December 1958). 12 numbers. Original printed wrappers, a bit worn and soiled; all numbers 3-hole punched in the left margin as issued. Very good.

First Edition of the first volume of the ACM’s Communications, the organization’s monthly magazine. The ACM, founded in 1947, is the world’s oldest and largest scientific and educational computing society; it began publishing the Communications in 1958, four years after launching the more scholarly Journal of the ACM. The Communications was “intended primarily for the rapid dissemination of information whose kind and quantity will be of value to the membership of the Association . . . [providing] space not elsewhere available for publishing worthwhile, but possibly fragmentary, developments in the use and understanding of computers, e.g., descriptions of computer programs, computer inspired techniques in numerical analysis, and educational efforts . . .” (Vol. 1, no. 1, p. 1). The journal’s first editor-in-chief was Alan J. Perlis (1922-90) and its first managing editor was Saul Rosen (1922-91); both were pioneers in the development of programming languages, particularly the highly influential ALGOL.

Book Id: 46709

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