On the inhalation of the vapour of ether. Journal issue. John Snow.
On the inhalation of the vapour of ether. Journal issue

On the inhalation of the vapour of ether. Journal issue

Publisher Information: London: 1847.

Snow, John (1813-58). On the inhalation of the vapour of ether. In London Medical Gazette, n.s., 4 (1847): 498-502; 539-542. Whole volume. [2], 1142pp. Text illustrations. 214 x 145 mm. 19th-century half calf, marbled boards, light rubbing and wear. Very good.

First Edition, journal issue. Snow’s first real paper on ether anesthesia, containing the first illustration of his regulating ether inhaler, the earliest such device to control the amount of ether vapor received by the patient. Snow’s paper, published on 19 March 1847, appeared prior to his separately published pamphlet On the Inhalation of the Vapour of Ether in Surgical Operations (October 1847); it was preceded only by three small tables on ether saturation of air that Snow published in the Medical Times, London Medical Gazette and The Pharmaceutical Journal in January and February 1847.

When ether anesthesia was introduced to England in late 1846 Snow immediately began experimenting with the process; he eventually became the first physician to limit his practice to anesthesiology. As the earliest specialist in clinical anesthesiology, Snow was also the first to perform experiments on the physiology of the anesthetized state, the results of which laid the foundations for the development of anesthesiology as a science. In the present paper Snow included an updated version of his table of the proportion of ether to air, at temperatures ranging from 38 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Garrison-Morton.com 12954. “John Snow's Published Works,” The John Snow Archive and Research Companion, Michigan State University (web).Garrison-Morton.com 12954. Shephard, John Snow, p. 301.

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