Autograph letter signed from Ogston to Taylor. Francis Ogston, Alfred Swaine Taylor.
Autograph letter signed from Ogston to Taylor

Autograph letter signed from Ogston to Taylor

Publisher Information: Aberdeen: 1856.

Ogston, Francis (1803-87). Autograph letter signed to Alfred Swaine Taylor (1806-80). 8pp. on 2 bifolia. Aberdeen, 2 July 1856. 183 x 115 mm. Some rodent damage along central fold affecting a few lines but not obscuring the sense. Very good. Docketed by Taylor.

From Francis Ogston, professor of medical logic and jurisprudence at the University of Aberdeen, to Alfred Swaine Taylor, founder of forensic toxicology and author of several classic books on forensic medicine, including Elements of Medical Jurisprudence (1836; 1738) and On Poisons in Relation to Medical Jurisprudence (1st ed. 1848). Taylor referred to a number of Ogsten’s cases in his medico-legal textbooks. Ogsten himself was a writer on forensic medicine, publishing several papers on specific medico-legal topics as well as a collection of Lectures on Medical Jurisprudence (1878). Some of Ogston’s children had notable careers as well: His son Alexander Ogston (1844-1929) discovered and named the Staphylococcus bacterium, and his daughters Helen and Constance were active in the women’s suffrage movement in the early part of the 20th century.

Taylor had written to Ogston asking for information on cases of apoplexy caused by excessive drinking. Ogsten’s reply contains detailed descriptions of four cases of “persons in a state of chronic alcoholism dying from rapidly fatal attacks of congestive apoplexy independently of the immediate action of alcohol.” In a postscript Ogston added that “in none of the above cases was there anything to indicate death by syncope but on the contrary as will be seen all of them were undoubtedly deaths by coma.”

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