Photographic portrait by Jose Padro. Santiago Ramon y. Cajal.

Photographic portrait by Jose Padro

Publisher Information: 1922.

Ramón y Cajal, Santiago (1852-1934). Photographic portrait by Fadró, signed in the mount by the photographer. N.p. [Madrid?], ca. 1922. 365 x 284 mm., on mount measuring 652 x 466 mm. Lower left corner of mount chipped, tiny tear in left margin, a few faint smudges on mount, but very good.

Fine, large portrait of Ramón y Cajal, the founder of modern neuroscience, who laid the histological foundations of our present knowledge of the nervous system. Ramón y Cajal received half of the 1906 Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine for his work on the structure of the nervous system, becoming the first person of Spanish origin to win this prestigious honor.

The lower margin of the mount contains a facsimile of a signed autograph statement in Spanish by Ramón y Cajal, dated Madrid, 1 May 1922: “Se ha dicho hartas veces que el problema de España es un problema de cultura. Urge, en efecto, si queremos incorporarnos a los pueblos civilizados, cultivar intensamente los yermos de nuestra tierra y de nuestro cerebro, salvando para la prosperidad y enaltecimiento patrios todos los ríos que se pierden en el mar y todos los talentos que se pierden en la ignorancia” [It has been said many times that the problem of Spain is a problem of culture. Indeed, it is urgent, if we want to join civilized peoples, to intensely cultivate the wastelands of our land and our brains, saving for the prosperity and uplifting of the country all the rivers that are lost in the sea and all the talents that are lost in ignorance].

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