Myotomia reformata. William Cowper.
Myotomia reformata
Myotomia reformata

Myotomia reformata

Publisher Information: London: Robert Knaplock [etc.], 1724.

Cowper, William (1666-1709). Myotomia reformata. . . . Folio. [12], lxxvii, 194pp. Fronts. & 66 magnificent plates (plus 1 outline plate), double-page engraved table, numerous fine head- & tailpieces, fascinating historiated initials with myological motifs, diagrams in text. London: Printed for Robert Knaplock, William & John Innys & Jacob Tonson, 1724. 510 x 332 mm. Modern full calf preserving 18th-century spine. Minor wear and browning, but very good.

First Folio Edition. One of the most beautiful atlases of the 18th century, Cowper's Myotomia made a modest first appearance in 1694 as an octavo with 10 plates. Cowper worked until his death on a new edition, which was finally published posthumously under the supervision and at the expense of Richard Mead (1673-1754). This new sumptuous folio with 66 plates, some after Rubens and Raphael, and others after nature, ranks as one of the most artistic anatomical publicatons of the period, not only for the quality of the plates, but for the overall printing, especially the ingenious historiated initials with myotomical motifs. The text of this edition also contains a long introduction on muscular mechanics by Dr. Henry Pemberton, editor of the 1726 edition of Newton’s Principia. The Myotomia was the most complete atlas of the muscles published up to that time in any language, and should be considered on a par with the very greatest atlases of the period by Albinus and Cheselden. See Garrison-Morton 1214, 2730 & 3247. Choulant/Frank 253. Russell 210. Cole, History 5 & 6, reproducing historiated initial. Hahn & Dumaitre, Histoire de la medecine et du livre medical, pp. 263 & 268; 279-80 & 318 reproducing illustrations. Roberts & Tomlinson, Fabric of the Body, pp. 415-17.

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