Completed just in time. ENIAC the wizard computing machine. Original drawing plus example of the way it was printed in the Philadelphia Bulletin newspaper.

Publisher Information: March 22,1946.

[ENIAC.] Alexander, Franklin Osborne (1897-1993). Completed just in time. Pen-and-ink drawing for the political cartoon published in the Philadelphia Bulletin newspaper on 22 March 1946, framed with a copy of the printed cartoon. 314 x 283 mm. (drawing); 220 x 185 mm. (printed cartoon); 648 x 403 mm. (frame). Fine.

The original, unique drawing for the first cartoon depicting an electronic digital computer. The drawing comes from the personal papers of J. Presper Eckert (1919-95), the co-inventor of the ENIAC, and was most probably given to him by the cartoonist.

F. O. Alexander's cartoon was published five weeks after the initial press conference announcing the ENIAC, held on 14 February 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania's Moore School of Engineering, where the ENIAC had been designed and build during World War II. At that press conference photographs were taken of the machine and reproduced in newspaper articles, as well as in the first magazine article about the ENIAC, "Lightning strikes mathematics," written by Allen Rose and published in Popular Science in April 1946.

The cartoon depicts three men standing in bewilderment before the room-sized ENIAC: U.S. Treasury secretary John W. Snyder (1895-1985); Chester Bowles (1901-86) of the Office of Price Administration; and Paul R. Porter, who chaired the War Production Board’s Shipbuilding Stabilization Committee during World War II. The three men, who obviously understand nothing about computers, are looking to the machine to calculate all the data they need to control postwar inflation; Bowles holds in his right hand a paper headed “Umpty-ump hundreds of wage-price ratios.”

The cartoonist Franklin Osborne Alexander, commonly known as F. O. Alexander, was the staff editorial cartoonist at the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin from 1941 to 1967. Origins of Cyberspace 1115.

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