Tractatus de infirmorum sanitate tuenda, vitaque producenda.

Publisher Information: London: Geo. Strahan, 1726.

Cheyne, George (1671-1743). (1) Tractatus de infirmorum sanitate suenda, vitaque producenda. [44], 248pp. London: George Strahan, 1726 (2) De natura fibrae ejusque laxae sive resolutae morbis tractatus. [2], vii, 98, [2, adverts.]pp. London: George Strahan and James Leake, 1725. Together 2 works in 1, 8vo. 197 x 116 mm. Calf ca. 1726, gilt spine, very slight wear. Fine.

First Edition in Latin of (1); First Edition of (2). One of the most widely read medical authors in England, Cheyne began producing a series of popular treatises on health beginning in the 1720s, including An Essay on Health and Long Life (1724), the Latin translation of which (by John Robertson) appeared two years later. Like his other medical works, Cheyne’s Essay was essentially a practical guide strongly emphasizing moderation in diet and alcohol consumption—a personal issue for Cheyne since he himself struggled with obesity, at one point weighing over 400 pounds! The Latin edition of Cheyne’s Essay was issued together with the first edition of his De natura fibrae: “[Cheyne] was much committed to directing attention from the body’s fluids to its fibrous solids, his uncited guide in this matter almost certainly being the influential Leiden professor Herman Boerhaave. Cheyne’s most elaborate development of his views on the bodily fibers was contained in the treatise De natura fibrae” (Dictionary of Scientific Biography).

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