Group of materials as listed below

Publisher Information: 1913-67.

Podolsky, Boris (1896-1966). Group of materials as listed below:

1. Podolsky’s Russian passport, with stamps dated 1913.

2. Podolsky’s Certificate of Naturalization (U.S.), dated May 14, 1918.

3. Podolsky’s B.S. diploma from the University of Southern California, dated June 6, 1918.

4. Podolsky’s Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Army, dated Feb. 3, 1919.

5. Podolsky’s American passport dated May 22, 1933.

6. Podolsky’s Social Security card, in envelope.

7. File copy (a photomechanical reproduction made at the time) of Podolsky’s letter to Einstein of July 25, 1935, enclosing a copy (also present here in photomechanical reproduction) of Podolsky’s letter of July 6 to the Physical Review responding to Edwin Kemble’s criticism of the EPR paper. 3ff. total.

8. Telegram to Podolsky from the U.S. Army Signal Corps notifying Podolsky of his appointment as physicist. 3 sheets. Dec. 6, 1940.

9. Power loss in iron at low magnetic densities. Carbon typescript. 6ff., last leaf torn with some loss. Contact sheet with two images of Podolsky included. N.d.

10. The dispersion by hydrogen-like atoms in undulatory mechanics. Offprint from Proc. National Academy of Sciences 14 (1928). 253-258pp. Original printed wrappers. Written while Podolsky was at Cal Tech.

11. An interpretation of e2/mc2 and h/mc. Offprint from Physical Review 46 (1934). 734-738pp. Original printed wrappers. Signed by Podolsky on the front wrapper.

12. ----. Another copy, identified as “Desk copy” on front wrapper.

13. On interactions of electromagnetic fields. [1936?]. Typescript with autograph corrections. 4ff. (incomplete).

14. On Eddington’s treatment of Dirac’s equation. Offprint from Physical Review 53 (1938). 591-594pp. Original printed wrappers. Podolsky’s name and address in typescript on front wrapper.

15. What is science? Carbon typescript. 8ff. Dated “9 Oct. 47” in pencil on first leaf.

16. Modern alchemy. Typescript (13ff.) plus carbon copy (13ff.) and what appears to be a previous draft of pp. 3-7 with manuscript corrections. Dated “9 Oct. 47” in pencil on first leaf. 31ff. total.

17. Professor Boris Podolsky (biographical sketch). April 15, 1964. Several versions clipped together, including photocopied typescript and original typescript. 7 sheets total.

18. Rosen, Nathan. Typed letter signed to Podolsky. Haifa, July 21, 1965. With carbon typescript of Polly Podolsky’s reply (informing Rosen of Podolsky’s ill health) and four more typed letters signed from Rosen to Polly dated 10/7/65 – 8/31/67, with enclosures. 10ff. total.

19. Publications of Boris Podolsky. Photocopied typescript. 1966 or after. 3ff.

20. The United States of America honors the memory of Boris J. Podolsky . . . Printed certificate with autopen signature of Lyndon Johnson, in envelope postmarked Dec. 23, 1966.

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