Bronze medal. Jons Jacob Berzlius.
Bronze medal

Bronze medal

Publisher Information: 1848.

Berzelius, Jöns Jacob (1779-1848). Jacobus Berzelius. Medal in bronze showing a right-facing bust of Berzelius on the obverse with his birth and death dates in roman numerals; the reverse with a standing winged figure and the seated figure of Hygeia along with text in Latin. Signed “P. H. Lundgren fec. – C. G. Quarnstroem inv.” N.p., n.d. [1848]. 57 mm. diameter. A few minor scratches and dings, but very good.

The Berzelius Medal was commissioned by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in memory of the famous Swedish chemist, who is regarded as one of the founders of modern chemistry. Berzelius invented the current system of chemical symbols, originated the duality theory of chemical affinity classing chemical elements as either electronegative or electropositive (an ancestor of 20th century electron theories of bonding), developed new and important methods of chemical synthesis and analysis, and discovered the elements cerium, selenium and thorium. T

he Latin motto above the figures on the reverse reads “Naturam jussit vires proferre latentes” (He commanded forth the secrets of nature). The text below the figures reads “Fundatorum supremo lugens [in deepest mourning]/ Medic. Suec. Societas.” The medal was issued in silver, bronze and Berlin iron; this is an example of the bronze. Storer, Medicina in Nummis, no. 337.

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