Über ein den Elementarprozeß der Lichtemission betreffendes Experiment. Offprint

Publisher Information: 1921. Offprint from Sitzungsberichte der preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (1921). Single sheet (pp. 882-883). 256 x 184 mm. Minor marginal tears, one corner chipped, but very good. First ediiton, offprint issue. "Since, after 1917, Einstein firmly believed that light-quanta were here to stay, it is not surprising that he would look for new ways in which the existence of photons might lead to observable devations from the classical picture. In this he did not succeed. At one point, in 1921, he thought he had found a new quantum criterion [published in the present paper], but it soon turned out to be a false lead" (Pais, Subtle is the Lord, pp. 412-413). Weil, Albert Einstein Bibliography, 118. Book Id: 43316

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