Theoretische Bemerkungen über die Brownsche Bewegung. Offprint

Publisher Information: 1907. Offprint from "Zeitschrift für Elektrochemie" (1907). Single sheet (pp. 41-42). 287 x 206 mm. Chipped, several marginal tears, some toning. Fair. First edition, offprint issue. "In 1907, Einstein published a paper entitled 'Theoretical Observations on the Brownian Motion' in which he considered the instantaneous velocity of a Brownian particle. Einstein showed that by measuring this quantity, one could prove that 'the kinetic energy of the motion of the center of gravity of a particle is independent of the size and nature of the particle and independent of the nature of its environment.' This is one of the basic tenets of statistical mechanics, known as the equipartition theorem. However, Einstein concluded that due to the very rapid randomization of the motion, the instantaneous velocity of a Brownian particle would be impossible to measure in practice... "(Einstein: The Formative Years). Book Id: 43312

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