Book Id: 42842 On the movements and habits of climbing plants. Charles Darwin.

On the movements and habits of climbing plants

Publisher Information: London: Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green, 1865.

Darwin, Charles (1809-84). On the movements and habits of climbing plants. In Journal of the Linnean Society 9, nos. 33 & 34 (1865): 1-118. Text wood-engravings. Whole number. 128pp. 224 x 144 mm. (uncut and unopened). Original blue-green printed wrappers, a bit chipped at extremities, very minor spotting. Very good copy. Preserved in a cloth folding box.

First Edition, journal issue of Darwin’s book-length paper on climbing plants, containing the essence of his discoveries in this field. The book-form second edition published ten years later, by which his work on this subject is generally known, is actually a revision and enlargement of the above. Darwin found that climbing was the result of the bending in a revolving plane of the apex of a plant’s stem while it grows. He later studied the mechanism of bending and showed that it was due to a substance that comes down from the apex when acted upon by light. This research laid the foundation of the science of growth hormones in plants.

The first printing of Darwin’s monograph appeared in three forms, all from the same setting of type: the double number of the Linnean Society Journal (as above), which was issued to the Fellows; a commercial offprint for sale to the public; and an offprint for the author. It made its first appearance between hard covers in 1875. Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Freeman 833. Norman 596.

Book Id: 42842

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