Book Id: 42790 Opuscul d[e] mirabilibus noue [et] veteris urbis Rome. Francesco Albertini.
Opuscul d[e] mirabilibus noue [et] veteris urbis Rome

Opuscul d[e] mirabilibus noue [et] veteris urbis Rome

Publisher Information: Rome: Giacomo Mazzocchi, 1515.

Albertini, Francesco (fl. 1493-1510). Opuscul d[e] mirabilibus noue [et] veteris urbis Rome . . . 103ff. Woodcut title border. Rome: Jacobus Mazochius, 1515 [colophon]. 208 x 139 mm. Full morocco gilt in antique style. Minor dampstains and soiling on first few leaves, but very good.

Second edition. Albertini’s Opusculum de mirabilibus novae & veteris urbis Romae, originally published in 1510, was the first guidebook to ancient and modern Rome. Albertini based his Opusculum on the 12th-century Mirabilia urbis Romae (“Marvels of the city of Rome”), but replaced the former work’s medieval legends with new knowledge gained from nearly a century of humanist investigation. “Albertini did not hesitate to summon to his aid all the sources on which could lay his hands, thus relaying the considerable range of his reading. Classical texts used by him included not only the better known authors and the catalogues of the regions . . . but also Festus, Vitruvius and Frontinus, on whom he of course relied for his section on aqueducts. He was obviously at home with inscriptions, and besides relying on the evidence they supplied, he often quoted them in full, not hesitating to include some discovered only very recently” (Weiss, The Renaissance Discovery of Classical Antiquity, pp. 84-86). To his account of ancient Rome, Albertini added discussions of the churches and buildings commissioned by Pope Julius II and the artists who decorated them, including Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Lippi and Michelangelo; this last reference represents one of the earliest printed notices of that artist. The third section of Albertini’s work contains one of the earliest descriptions of the Vatican Library.

Book Id: 42790

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