Dr. Herschel, engraved aftere painting by Fr. Rehberg (1814) by James Godby

Publisher Information: London: 1814.

Herschel, William (1738-1822). Stipple-engraved portrait by James Godby after Friedrich Rehberg (1758-1835). London: F. Rehberg, 1 November 1814. Archivally matted and framed; frame measures 430 x 317 mm. Insignificant scattered foxing but very good.

An excellent portrait of German-British astronomer William Herschel, commemorating his discovery in 1781 of the planet Uranus. According to the print’s caption, “the background represents part of the constellation of Gemini, with a telescopic aspect of the Georgium Sidus [Uranus], as it was discovered by Dr. Herschel at Bath, the 13th of March 1781, in consequence of which, he was soon after introduced to the most gracious patronage of His Majesty, King George III.” Herschel had named the new planet “Georgium sidus” [Georgian star] in honor of the king, but his choice found little favor outside of Britain. In 1782 German astronomer Johann Bode suggested the planet’s present name, a Latinization of Ouranos, the Greek god of the sky.

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