Dieu l'homme et la nature. Comte de. Lützelbourg.
Dieu l'homme et la nature.
Dieu l'homme et la nature.

Dieu l'homme et la nature.

Publisher Information: "Londres" [Strassburg]: 1788.

[Lützelbourg, Comte de.] Dieu l'homme et la nature. [16], 136, lvi pp.; cancel title. "Londres" [i.e., Strassburg]: N.p., 1788. 210 x 132 mm. (uncut). Marbled wrappers ca. 1788, lower and upper portions of spine perished. Minor dampstains on first few leaves, light toning, but very good.

First Edition under this title. A note on the verso of the cancel title reads: "Cet écrit a paru pour la première fois en 1786 sous le titre d'Extrait du Journal d'une Cure magnétique . . ." [This writing appeared for the first time in 1786 under the title Extrait du Journal d'une Cure magnétique . . .]. The work appears in fact to be a reissue of an edition published in Rastadt in 1787, with a new title and a 56-page supplement "which deals with man's condition after death, with corruption, with heaven, with what the blessed do in heaven etc., with physical and spiritual magnetism, with the proper way to magnetize, with crises, etc." [translation ours]. The Comte de Lützelbourg learned the technique of "mesmeric somnambulism" (induced hypnosis) from the Comte de Puységur, who had discovered (or rediscovered) it in 1784. "The discovery of mesmeric somnambulism began a new trend in the practice of animal magnetism, in which the emphasis was shifted from the physical to the psychological. This new trend eventually eclipsed orthodox mesmerism" (Haskell F. Norman Library of Science and Medicine, p. 885). Crabtree 182. Dureau, p. 74.

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