Autograph letter signed to Dawson Turner. Thomas Young.

Autograph letter signed to Dawson Turner

Publisher Information: London: 1819.

Young, Thomas (1773-1829). Autograph letter signed to Dawson Turner (1775-1858). [London] Welbeck Street, 7 December 1819. 1 page. 215 x 180 mm. Mounted, with handwritten caption beneath. Fine.

From British scientist Thomas Young, the founder of physiological optics and author of the wave theory of lights (see Garrison-Morton 1486-88, Printing and the Mind of Man 259, Dibner 152), to botanist and antiquary Dawson Turner, author of The Botanist's Guide through England and Wales (1805), the four-volume illustrated Fuci, sive, Plantarum fucorum generi a botanicis ascriptarum icones descriptiones et historia (1808-19), Account of a Tour in Normandy (1820), Guide . . . towards the Verification of Manuscripts by Reference to Engraved Facsimiles (1848) and several other works. Young's letter reads as follows:

"Dear Sir, I have the pleasure to inform you that our friend's picture is arrived without having suffered any injury, except that the canvas has been shaken loose and wants stretching, which can easily be done. I also beg to return my best thanks for the very elegant specimens of Mrs. Turner's arts which you have sent me, and I hope at some future time you will make good your obliging offer of letting me have a few more, as there are several of my friends who will be disposed to be beggars on the occasion. Believe me Dear Sir very truly yours Thomas Young."

"The very elegant specimens of Mrs. Turner's arts" that Young had received were most likely drawings or prints. Mary Turner was a skilled artist who had studied under both John Crome and John Sell Cotman; together with her equally talented daughters, she produced an enormous number of drawings, paintings, etchings and lithographs, which Turner used both in his own publications and as additional illustrations for the 8000 volumes in his library. Young wrote this letter from his Welbeck Street address, where he had lived and practiced medicine since 1799. Autograph letters from Thomas Young are rare-this is the first we have handled in our nearly forty years in business.

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