Book Id: 38970 Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery with a Supplement on Mammaplasty.; Milstein, Stanley, ed. Jacques Joseph.

Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery with a Supplement on Mammaplasty.; Milstein, Stanley, ed.

Publisher Information: 1987. First edition in English. Probably the most famous classic of plastic and aesthetic surgery published in the 20th century. The original German edition of Joseph's book issued in 1931 is a legendary rarity. This deluxe limited edition English translation was issued in 1987. It publishes the English translation of Joseph's text and his original illustrations in a format that follows the German edition page for page. Considering the comprehensive nature of Joseph's text and the huge number of illustrations, this is a significant translation and publishing feat. Elegantly and durably bound with a red leather spine and a sturdy cloth slipcase, it was previously sold for $395 or more per copy. The translation is a superb example of modern book production. As new. Book Id: 38970
ISBN: 9780960597215

Joseph's work, which contains over 1700 illustrations, documents in exhaustive detail the operative methods he devised for correcting deformities of the nose, forehead, eyelids, cheeks, lips and mouth, jaw, ears and breasts. Paul Natvig, Joseph's biographer, describes the work as follows:

"[It] is characterized by its scientific and technical thoroughness. It is divided and sub-divided in an extremely detailed, comprehensive and logical manner. Dr. Joseph supplies the appropriate historical background and lists in chronological order the procedures that have been used at each stage of development. He gives meticulous credit to the originators. Following this, he present his own refined technique. He supplies in footnotes the etymology of the terms he employs.

In addition to the strictly operative procedures, he pays careful attention to the psychological aspects of facial defects, as in the case of the young Frenchman who sought by means of rhinoplasty to prevent himself from performing a criminal deed. The patient was quoted as saying, ìIf anyone laughs at my nose, I feel that Iím ready to kill him.î

Also, the many lavish illustrations in his book are completely honest in their depiction of what he had achieved. Many are photographs and all were left completely unretouched when reproduced. As an example of a perfect nose, Joseph included a profile photograph of his wife, to whom the book is dedicated "(Natvig, pp. 84-85).


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