Book Id: 38759 Plantae hybridae. Carl Linnaeus.

Plantae hybridae

Publisher Information: Upsalla: 1751.

Linnaeus, Carl (1707-78), praeses. Haartman, Johan Johansson (1725-87). Plantae hybridae. . . . 4to. [4] 30pp. Fold. eng. plate. 190 x 148 mm. Unbound. A few fox-marks, but fine.

First Edition. Haartman's doctoral thesis, over which Linnaeus presided, signals an important change in Linnaeus's botanical ideas. "He was forced to relinquish confidence in the constancy of the number of species. In Peloria (1744) he described a monstrous form of Linaria vulgaris that he wrongly interpreted as a hybrid. . . . He thereafter held that new plant species could develop through hybridization (see Plantae hybridae [1751]) and reached the daring conclusion that within every genus only one species had originally been created" (DSB). Soulsby 1632. Extremely rare.

Book Id: 38759

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