Eine neue Art von Strahlen. 2 offprints.

Publisher Information: Wurzburg: 1895-1896.

Discovery of X-Rays

Rontgen, Wilhelm Konrad (1845-1923) (Roentgen) 1. Ueber eine neue Art von Strahlen. (Vorlaufige Mittheilung.) Offprint from Sitzb. Wurzb. Phys.-med. Gesells. (1895), no. 9, 132-41. 8vo. 10pp. Wurzburg: Stahl, 1895. 229 x 151 mm. Original wrappers, a little stained and chipped, expertly restored. Slight foxing. 2. Eine neue Art von Strahlen. II. Mittheilung. Offprint from Sitzb. Wurzb. Phys.-med. Gesells. (1896) nos. 1-2, 11-19. 8vo. 9, [3]pp. (adverts.). 218 x 152 mm. Original wrappers, somewhat chipped, expertly repaired. Text a little browned & chipped. Ibid., 1896. Together 2 offprints, in a cloth case. Very good copies. 1895-96.

1. First Separate Edition of Rontgen's original communication of the discovery of the X-ray. Garrison-Morton 2683. Dibner, Heralds of Science 162. Horblit, One Hundred Books Famous in Science 90. Printing and the Mind of Man 380. The most important contribution to medical diagnosis in a century, and a key to modern physics, Rontgen's paper was in immediate demand; there were five separate printings, in six issues, in the space of two months.

2. First and Only Separate Edition of Rontgen's follow-up communication, published in March of 1896, in which he introduced a scale for measuring X-ray intensity and an improved tube. These original papers are extremely difficult to obtain today. [Le Fanu], Notable medical books 239. Gernsheim 517-18. Klickstein, Roentgen, pp. 24-30 & entries III.2, .10. Cushing R 193-94. Osler 1700. Waller 8078 & 8083.

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