Memoirs sur le mouvement de l'air dans les tuyaux de conduite

Publisher Information: Paris: Huzard, 1824-1829.

The Author's Copy, With his Corrections

Aubuisson de Voisins, Jean Francois d'. Memoirs sur le mouvement de l'air dans les tuyaux de conduite. 5 offprints bound under a general title. Calf c. 1829, gilt-ruled, gilt spine, front hinge cracking, rear hinge tender. Minor foxing & browning, but very good. Paris: Huzard, 1824-29.

First edition. The author's copy, with his corrections written in ink in the fourth and fifth memoirs, either in the margins or on tipped-in slips of paper. Neither OCLC nor RLIN records this collection of items bound here under the general title given above; it is possible that it represents a unique example prepared for the author.

Aubuisson de Voisins was a French geologist and mining engineer who for over thirty years served as chief of the mineralogical district of Toulouse. He was the author of the first competent treatment of general geology published in France (Traite de geognosie, 1819), along with several other works on geology and mining. The papers in the above collection, published between 1824 and 1829, stem from Aubuisson's work as a mining engineer; they originally appeared in the Annales des mines.

"In July 1825 d'Aubuisson found that in an airshaft the resistance to passage of the air is directly proportional to the length of the pipe and the square of the speed of the air flow, and inversely proportional to the diameter. He published these findings in two articles in the Annales des mines in 1828. These results served as the starting point for Theophile Guibal's establishment of the temperature constant of a mine. D'Aubuisson also found that the volumes of two gases streaming from equal openings and under the same pressure are inversely proportional to the square roots of their densities" (DSB).

The papers included here are:

Experiences sur la resistence que l'air Èprouve dans des tuyaux de conduite; faites aux mines de Rancie (1828)

Experiences faites sur la trompe du ventilateur des mines de Rancie (1829)

Experiences gazometriques a l'effet de determiner la depense reelle d'un orifice d'ou sort un courant d'air (1826)

Observations sur les machines soufflantes a piston (1825)

Description et examen d'une machine soufflante a tonneaux (1824).

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