12 offprints on diabetes, from the library of Henry Dale.

Publisher Information: 1934-1948. Houssay, Bernardo Alberto (1887-1971). Group of 12 offprints, as listed below, including his 1947 Nobel Lecture. Various sizes. V.p., 1934-52. Original wrappers or without wrappers as issued. One offprint bears a presentation inscription from Houssay to Nobel Laureate Henry Dale (1875-1968). Very good copies.

First Separate Editions. Houssay received a share of the 1947 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine for his discoveries relating to diabetes: (1) the anterior lobe of the hypophysis, or pituitary gland, produces a hormone that blocks the effect of insulin in glucose metabolism; (2) diabetes can be induced by administration of anterior pituitary extract; and (3) naturally or artificially diabetic experimental animals can metabolize glucose normally if the pituitary gland is removed. Magill, Nobel Prize Winners: Physiology or Medicine, II, pp. 563-71.

1. The influence of the pituitary on basal metabolism and on specific dynamic action. Offprint from Endocrinology 18 (1934). 409-414 [2]pp. Without wrappers as issued. Top margin trimmed affecting running heads.

2. Hypophyse et metabolisme des hydrates de carbone. Offprint from Volume jubilaire publie en l'honneur du Professeur J. Demoor (1937). 264-282pp. Original orange printed wrappers.

3. (with V. G. Foglia, F. S. Smyth, C. T. Rietti and A. B. Houssay). The hypophysis and secretion of insulin. Offprint from J. Exp. Med. 75 (1942). 547-566pp. Without wrappers as issued.

4.Thyroid and metathyroid diabetes. Offprint from Endocrinology 35 (1944). 158-172pp. Without wrappers as issued. Hormones. Offprint from Currents in Biochemical Research, ed. D. E. Green (N.Y., 1946). 187-206pp. Without wrappers as issued.

5. Prefatory chapter (Trends in physiology as seen from South America). Offprint from Ann. Rev. Physiology 18 (1956). 12pp. Portrait frontispiece. Original self-wrappers.

6. Physiology of insulin. Offprint from Proc. Am. Diabetes Assoc. 6 (1946). 151-157pp. Original self-wrappers.

7. The action of the thyroid on diabetes. Offprint from Recent Progress in Hormone Research, Vol. 2 (N.Y., 1948). 277-291pp. Original green printed wrappers.

8. The role of the hypophysis in carbohydrate metabolism and in diabetes. Stockholm, 1949. 129-136pp. Original printed wrappers.

9. Houssay's Nobel lecture. Role de l'hypophyse dans le metabolisme des hydrates de carbone et le diabete. Offprint from Folia endocrinologica 3 (1950). Original printed wrappers.

10. The discovery of pancreatic diabetes: The role of Oscar Minkowski. Offprint from Diabetes 1 (1952). 112-116pp. Original printed wrappers. Inscribed by Houssay to Henry Dale on front wrapper.

11. Hormonal regulation of the sexual function of the male toad. Offprint from Acta Physiol. Latinoamer. 4 (1954). 41pp. Original printed wrappers.

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