The Obstetrician's Armamentarium: Historical Obstetric Instruments and their Inventors. Bryan Hibbard.

The Obstetrician's Armamentarium: Historical Obstetric Instruments and their Inventors.

Publisher Information: San Francisco: Norman Publishing, 2000. With over 500 illustrations, The Obstetrician’s Armamentarium traces the evolution of obstetric instruments from ancient times to the end of the nineteenth century in Britain, Europe, and America. Though there have been other histories of obstetrics and obstetric instruments, these have concentrated mainly on forceps and their development ,and have not been extensively illustrated. The Obstetrician’s Armamentarium is a survey of all types of obstetric instruments and contains definitive assessments of the different instruments and the procedures for which they are used, including forceps, extractors, fillets, tractors, levers, and pelvimeters, and analyzes their usefulness or lack thereof. There are also detailed discussions of the variety in blade length, handles, and articulations for numerous instruments. No other work available matches the scope of instruments discussed and the accompanying analyses. In addition, biographical sketches are given of the most influential figures in the field of obstetrics, including the Chamberlen Family, William Smellie, André Levret, James Young Simpson, David Davis, and Étienne Tarnier. This work will appeal to anyone interested in the history of obstetrics and obstetric instruments and will also be useful to instrument collectors for identification purposes. It is a truly monumental contribution to the history of obstetrics. 324 pages. 502 illustrations. Cloth, dust jacket, acid-free paper. 8 1/2" 11". Book Id: 37973
ISBN: 9780930405809

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