Lehrbuch der kosmischen Physik. 2 vols. in 1.

Publisher Information: Leipzig: Hirzel, 1903.

Arrhenius, Svante (1859-1927). Lehrbuch der kosmischen Physik. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. viii, 472; viii, 473-1026pp. Colored plate, text illustrations. Leipzig: S. Hirzel, 1903. 223 x 147 mm. Original cloth, a little worn & shaken. Light browning, but very good.

First Edition of the first textbook on cosmic physics. “[Arrhenius’s] work on the cosmic effects of the pressure of light rays [predicted in Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory of light] attracted deserved attention in professional circles. . . . Arrhenius applied the radiation pressure to various phenomena even before its experimental confirmation [in 1901]. He calculated that we might expect streams of minute particles to be shot out from the sun in all directions. Arrhenius explained phenomena of the solar corona, comets, the aurora, and the zodiacal light by these charged particles, many of which, he said, would be electrically charged by ionization in the gaseous atmosphere of the sun” (DSB).

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