Sui momenti magnetici dei nuclei atomici and 4 other offprints on nuclear physics.

Publisher Information: Rome: 1930.

Fermi, Enrico (1901-1954). (1) Sui momenti magnetici dei nuclei atomici. Offprint from Memorie della Reale Accademia d' Italia: Classe di scienze fisiche matematiche e naturali 1, Fisica no. 1 (1930). (2) Sul calcolo degli spettri degli ioni. Offprint from ibid., Fisica no. 2 (1930). (3) L'effeto Raman nelle molecole e nei cristalli. Offprint from ibid., Fisica no. 3 (1932). (4) Sulla teoria delle strutture iperfini [with Emilio Segre (1905-89)]. Offprint from ibid., Estratto no. 7 (1933). (5) Le orbite s degli elementi. [with Edoardo Amaldi (b. 1908)]. Offprint from ibid., Estratto no. 3 (1934). Together 5 offprints. Rome: Reale Accademia d' Italia, 1930-34. 251 x 179 mm. (unopened). Original gray printed wrappers. Occasional faint foxing, but fine.

First Separate Editions. A series of five papers on nuclear physics, in the first of which Fermi investigated the theory of the hyperfine structure of spectral lines (first proposed by Pauli in 1923) and the nuclear magnetic momenta, demonstrating that the nuclear magnetic moment was not of the order of magnitude of the Bohr magneton, as had been previously supposed, but was only 1/1000 of the magnitude of the Bohr magneton. The remaining papers continued the investigations of Fermi and his co-workers, which culminated in Fermi's explanations of beta decay and the introduction of the Fermi constant. DSB. Fermi, Collected Papers, edited by Segre, 57a, 63, 71, 75b, 82. Norman 779-83.

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