Histoire generale de la digestion (galley proofs). Lucien Corvisart.
Histoire generale de la digestion (galley proofs).

Histoire generale de la digestion (galley proofs).

Publisher Information: Paris.

Corrected Galleys of an Unpublished Work

Corvisart, Lucien (1824-82). Histoire generale de la digestion [caption title]. Author's interleaved & corrected proofs, bound in 2 vols., 8vo, the first volume comprising the Introduction historique sur la digestion en general. [ix]-clii; 144pp. Both paginations incomplete (text on last pages breaks off in mid-sentence). N.p., n.d. [Paris, not before 1863]. 216 x 138 mm. 19th cent. half calf, a little rubbed. Uneven browning, occasional foxing & soiling, but very good. Modern bookplate.

Corrected Galley Proofs, with author's extensive annotations on about one-quarter of the pages, of what appears to be an unpublished work. Corvisart, the nephew of Jean Nicolas Corvisart des Marest, devoted a good portion of his career to the physiology of digestion, performing important research on the pancreas (see Garrison-Morton 1001) and publishing several works in the mid-19th century on various aspects of digestion and nutrition. He may have intended his Histoire generale de la digestion to be his crowning work in this field: written some time after the publication of his Collection de memoires sur une fonction peu connue du pancreas (1857-63), it tackles the entire history of digestion physiology from ancient times to his own era, and presents a detailed study of the function and purpose of the entire digestive and nutritional system from the stomach to the large intestine, with particular emphasis on the pancreas.

When we checked OCLC showed no works by Corvisart published after the Collection de memoires, so that our set of corrected proofs represents what may be the only written evidence of Corvisart's scientific work after 1863. Hirsch.

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