4 Printed certificates for attending lectures in surgery signed by Louis .
Louis, Antoine

4 Printed certificates for attending lectures in surgery signed by Louis .

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Publisher Information: Paris: 1770.

Louis, Antoine (1723-92). Four educational certificates signed in Louis's official capacity, and bearing several other autograph signatures. N.p., 1770-1776. Documents measure approx. 213 x 269 mm. Embossed and colored seals in left margins of all certificates. Creased along previous folds, slight worming, 2 small pin-holes in lower left corner of each certificate.

Four certificates recording the education of a surgery student, Claude LeLorin, signed by Louis in his capacity as provost of the …cole de Chirurgie and as Professeur Royal des …coles. The first two certificates, signed by Louis as provost, are dated May 28, 1770; they document LeLorin's successful completion in 1769 of De la Faye's and Goursaud's courses on surgical ailments and their treatment. The two certificates are signed by De la Faye and Goursaud respectively; they also bear the signature of fellow provost Toussaint Bordenave (1728-82). The second two certificates are signed by Louis in his capacity as Professeur Royal des Écoles; they state that LeLorin successfully completed Louis's courses in physiology and hygiene in the years 1770 and 1772. These certificates are dated May 19, 1772 and February 16, 1776 respectively; they also bear signatures of the École's provosts.

Louis, one of the most eminent surgeons of the eighteenth century, was instrumental in freeing French surgeons from the Paris medical faculty. He was the first surgical candidate to undergo a public examination, and the first in one hundred years to defend a thesis in Latin. He served the École as professor of physiology for 40 years, and was awarded numerous honors, the most important being the permanent secretaryship of the Académie Royale de Chirurgie. He is also known as a pioneer in medical jurisprudence (see G-M 1730, 1731) and as a co-inventor of the guillotine. Hirsch.

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