The principles and practice of obstetrics.
Hodge, Hugh L.

Publisher Information: Philadelphia: Blanchard & Lea, 1864.

Hodge, Hugh. L. (1796-1873). The principles and practice of obstetrics. 4to. xxiv, 17-550pp. (irreg. as usual). 32 lithographed plates with 159 figures from photographs & 110 text wood-engravings. Philadelphia: Blanchard & Lea, 1864. 293 x 232 mm. Original cloth, worn, shaken. Minor offsetting. Very good copy. 19th cent. bookplate of the New York Academy of Medicine.

First Edition. Garrison-Morton 6185. The best American textbook of midwifery in its day. The thirty-two lithographed plates contain one hundred fifty-nine figures from photographs; these are among the earliest obstetrical illustrations utilizing the new medium of photography, and probably the first extensive use of illustrations based on photographs in an obstetrics textbook.

"The author has not been satisfied in giving a simple description of the mechanism of labor . . . but has endeavored, by a series of original illustrations, to render the whole subject still more clear. He has, in a great measure, abandoned the usual mode of representing the whole child, in its relation to the mother's organs . he has adopted the plan, prevalent in the lecture-room, of exhibiting the foetal cranium in its various relations to the different portions of the pelvis, in all the modifications of labor . . . . To insure accuracy upon these points, the author has not trusted to his own imagination, or to the skill of the draughtsman, but has called into requisition the wonderful art of photography . . . Excellent photographs of the cranium and pelvis have been made, showing, with great exactness, their relative size and position . . ." (xiii-xiv).

Edition: 1st edition

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