Surgical observations, with cases and operations
Warren, Jonathan Mason

Publisher Information: Boston: Ticknor & Field, 1867.

First Edition. Jonathan Mason Warren, son of renowned American surgeon John Collins Warren, made significant contributions to plastic and reconstructive surgery, performing the first rhinoplasty in the United States (see Garrison-Morton 5743.3) and the first operation for closure of complete clefts of the palate (see Garrison-Morton 5745).

"In the present work, Warren discusses his work in plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty and staphylorrhaphy. He was especially expert at repairing clefts of the palate, having observed Dieffenbach and Roux while in Europe and being familiar with his father's work. The book also contains chapters covering the head and neck, chest, genitourinary system, abdomen, arteries and veins, tumors, injuries and diseases of the nerves, and anesthetics" (Heirs of Hippocrates 1762).

The chapter on tumors (Chapter IX) contains four sections: "Tumors"; "Tumors in the Parotid Region"; "Leucocythaemia"; and "Operations for Cancer." "Through his techniques and writings and his prominence in American medicine, [Warren] made his profession aware of what this kind of surgery could offer the patient" (Goldwyn, p. 466). Goldwyn, "Jonathan Mason Warren and his contribution to plastic surgery," in McDowell, Source Book of Plastic Surgery, pp. 460-66.

Edition: First edition

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