Notes and Observations on Army Surgery (New Orleans, 1863) BOUND WITH: A Treatise on Gunshot Wounds: Written for and Dedicated t
F. Formento and M. Schuppert

Publisher Information: San Francisco: Norman, 1990.

62pp; 47pp. 5-7/8 x 9-1/8 inches. Cloth. Acid-free paper. New Introduction by Ira M. Rutkow, M.D. The Louisiana Hospital, established by Formento in 1861, had a much lower mortality rate than regular army hospitals and this was attributed to his insistence on small wards, extreme cleanliness, good food, and ample fresh air. Both Formento's work and Schuppert's treatise on gun-shot wounds, bound with it, are little-known and virtually impossible to find in their original editions.

Edition: 1st edition
ISBN: 0-930405-18-8

Book Id: 13215

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