(1)...Partial reconstruction of the face. (2) ...Reconstructing lower lip. Offprints inscribed by the author.
Buck, Gurdon

Publisher Information: Albany & Philadelphia: 1864.

Buck, Gurdon (1807-77). 1. History of a case of partial reconstruction of the face. OFFPRINT from Trans. N. Y. St. Med. Soc. (1864). 16pp. 7 fine lithographed plates. 234 x 146 mm. Albany: Van Benthuysen, 1864. 2. A new method of reconstructing the lower lip after its removal for disease. OFFPRINT from Trans. A. M. A. (1868). 10pp. 6 lithographed plates (4 partly hand-colored). 229 x 143 mm. Philadelphia: Collins, 1868. Together, 2 pamphlets, 8vo. Original printed wrappers, spines & some edges chipped. A little light browning. Very good copies. 1864-68.

First Separate Editions, each inscribed by Buck on front wrapper to C. Henschel, M.D. 1. is Buck's classic contribution to repair of the face, his detailed and finely illustrated account of the series of five operations performed on Carleton Burgan, a soldier with mercury poisoning who had the right superior maxilla removed, and subsequent extensive repair to the mouth, cheek, and nose, including prostheses of vulcanized rubber created by T. B. Gunning. Burgan's case "is considered Buck's greatest reconstructive triumph" (Rutkow GS83, citing Buck's 1876 Contributions to Reparative Surgery; see also Rutkow II, PSp27, citing his History of a Case in Which a Series of Plastic Operations was Successfully Performed for the Restoration of the Right Half of the Upper Lip. . . .). Our original journal article is illustrated with fine lithographs; Buck used before and after photographs as the basis for his illustrations, and was one of the first to do so.

2. reports Buck's method of reconstructing the lower lip, also finely illustrated with lithographed plates. Wallace, The Progress of Plastic Surgery (1982) 33-37, quoting extensively from Buck's account and reproducing several illustrations, but from the later version in Buck's Reparative Surgery, rather than the rare original article. Patterson 75, apparently citing 1. as "Series of plastic operations successfully performed for the restoration of the right half of the upper lip and adjacent portions of the cheek and nose."

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