Briefe welche einige Erfahrungen der electrischen Wirkungen in Krankheiten
Spengler, Lorenz

Publisher Information: Copenhagen: Rothens Witwe, 1754.

SPENGLER, Lorenz (1720-1807). Briefe welche einige Erfahrungen der electrischen Wirkungen in Krankheiten enthalten. . . . 8vo. 102pp. 2 folding engraved plates. 172 x 105 mm. Modern half vellum. Very good copy. Copenhagen: widow of Rothen, 1754.

FIRST EDITION. A very rare early publication on medical electricity. NUC NS 0812448 shows only two copies (MB, DNLM). Spengler was ivory turner to the Danish court, and a mechanic of some ability. He made his own electrical machine and practiced electrotherapy, seeing over two dozen patients nightly, and treating them for sciatica, deafness, tinnitis, headache, rheumatism, etc. Although Kratzenstein of Halle had been the first to practice and publish on electrotherapy in 1744, he had turned to other interests in the years after, until given a Danish appointment to teach and treat patients. The Danish negotiations with Kratzenstein took place in late 1753-early 1754, and included obtaining the use of Spengler's electrical machine. Spengler was probably motivated to publish a 7pp. article in French in the Mercure danois in 1753, and his book, which describes his therapy in detail and his machine, by Kratzenstein's appearance on the scene. The folding plates show his equipment, including a view of his machine in operation (reproduced in Snorrason, C. G. Kratzenstein [1974] 105; also 51, 103-07). Blake 428. Ronalds 482, but not in the library.

Edition: 1st edition

Book Id: 12536

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