De miraculis mortuorum.
Garmann, L. Christian

Publisher Information: Leipzig: Christian Kirchner, 1670.

Garmann, L. Christian. De miraculis mortuorum. 4to. [16], 112", [8]pp. Quarter morocco, antique style. Very good copy.

First edition. To a large degree a repertoire collected from extensive reading in the magic and pseudo-science of the 17th century, Garmann's "Mortuary miracles" was not entirely without scientific sense. For example, the Chemnitz physician gave an accurate citation from Tagliacozzi and discussion of restoration techniques far in advance of his contemporaries for whom plastic operations continued to be the butt of literary satire until the 19th century (see Gnudi & Webseter, pp. 295-97). Garmann also provided an early discussion of blood transfusion, referring to Lower's experiments of 1665-67. See G-M 1723, Garmann's pioneering work on the medico-legal aspects of multiple births. Hirsch. Zeis I, 71. Wellcome II, 90.

Edition: 1st edition

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