Anatomische Untersuchungen über die sogennanten leuchtenden Augen bei den Wirbelthieren.
Brucke, Ernst Wilhelm von

Publisher Information: Berlin: Veit, 1845.

(1) Brücke, Ernst W. von (1819-92). Anatomische Untersuchungen über die sogennanten leuchtenden Augen bei den Wirbelthieren. In Archiv fur Anatomie, Physiologie und wissenschaftliche Medicin (1845): 387-406. With: (2) Retzius, Anders Adolf (1796-1860). Ueber die Schädelformen der Nordbewohner. In ibid., 84-129. Whole volume, 8vo. vi, [2], 215, [1], 535, [1]pp. 15 fold. plates. 225 x 135 mm. (uncut & unopened). Original plain wrappers, chipped, a few tears. Very good apart from light foxing.

(1) First Edition. Garrison-Morton 5859. "[Brücke's] research on luminescence in animal eyes and his method of causing luminescence at will in the human eye created the foundation on which Helmholtz continued his work and which led to the invention of the ophthalmoscope in 1851 by the latter. How close Brücke himself had come to his discovery was later attested to by Helmholtz" (Dictionary of Scientific Biography). Brücke was able to see the fundus in animal eyes by passing a tube through a candle flame.

(2) First Edition in German of Garrison-Morton 202, originally published in Swedish in 1843. Retzius introduced the method of classifying races according to the cranial or cephalic index, expressed as the ratio between skull length and skull breadth. Rezius classified the human species into two main types--dolichocephalic (long-headed) and brachycephalic (short-headed)--which he further divided into two subgroups, orthognathous (non-protruding jaw) and prognathous (protruding jaw). "The value of this work is not so much in Retzius's conclusions . . . but in his demonstrating the possibility of quantitative expression of different patterns of bodily forms and their mathematical treatment. Craniometric and anthropometric methods were soon widely adopted and developed, and new indexes were introduced. Thus there emerged a new branch of science--physical anthropology" (Dictionary of Scientific Biography). Spencer, History of Physical Anthropology, pp. 878-79.

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