Memoire sur la staphyloraphie, ou la suture du voile du palais.
Roux, Philibert Joseph

Publisher Information: Paris: Bechet, 1825.

Roux, Philibert Joseph (1780-1854). Mémoire sur la staphyloraphie, ou suture du voile du palais. In Arch. gén. méd. 7 (1825): 516-38. Whole volume, 8vo. 632pp., fold. lith. plate. 202 x 130 mm. 19th cent. quarter calf gilt, mottled boards, spine worn with splits in upper hinges. Library stamps on half-title and title. Signed by the editor of the journal on verso half-title to prevent piracy.

First Edition. Garrison-Morton 5741.2. Roux's first detailed work on his operation for repair of clefts of the soft palate, in which he coined the term "staphylorraphy," and first called attention to submucous cleft palate. Roux performed his first staphylorraphy in 1819, three years after von Graefe's introduction of the earliest comprehensive surgical method for closing clefts in the velum (see G-M 5739); although von Graefe's method had priority, Roux's operation was the better one. Following the successes of both von Graefe and Roux, "surgical approximation was accepted by the medical profession as the treatment of choice for clefts of the velum" (Millard, Cleft Craft 3, p. 174; see also pp. 168-73 & 709-10).

Edition: 1st edition

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